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What is melamine board?

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Melamine board is now on the market most of the cabinet of the main materials used in the box, but also for a lot of door, we usually say that the double panels that melamine board.

Melamine board full title is melamine impregnated paper veneer artificial board, is with a different color or texture of paper into the melamine resin adhesive soaked, and then dried to a certain degree of cure, the pavement in particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard surface, through hot pressing and.

The advantages of this plate is: the surface flat, because the plate is the same as the expansion coefficient of the same and not easy deformation, bright colors, the surface is more wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, price economy. Domestic production of melamine decorative door to the Lushuihe plate as the representative, the indicators have reached international standards.

Disadvantages: low grade, easy edge chipping, glue, less color, more obvious signs not Gong to spend only straight edge.

How to process thick melamine plate

Thick type melamine board (in fact, it is the resistance to the United States board or anti Beite plate or double Knight board - editor's note) should be what the processing method to guarantee the processing quality.

The resistance board is a kind of what materials? What are the differences between it and compact plate and double plate net?

Resistant plate and anti Beite plate or double knight in virtually no what difference, its characteristics and structure is with a material, resistant plate is Korean products LAMIS transliteration. Similarly, resistance to deltamethrin and times knight is the brand name for the product transliteration.

This material is actually the thicker type melamine board, several layers of materials such as it consists of wear-resistant surface layer, decorative laminates, the stone carbonate treated kraft paper sheet, color stripe sheet, with high temperature and high pressure processing, because the board without edge or strengthening treatment can be processed into products, coupled with in the middle can random placement decorative layer, so well received by the people's welcome.

This sheet, because without edge processing, convenient processing, processing time can be shortened by 50%. Because it has good mechanical properties and physical properties, and good resistance to various chemical reagents and no contamination ability, so it is widely used kitchen countertops and door panels, all kinds of table panel, laboratory mesa, office partition, toilet partition,.

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