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Stronger teaches you choose the high quality and environmental protection MDF

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Stronger told you to buy a guide to building materials: choose the quality of environmental protection of the stick panel

Because of the decorative panels used for interior decoration, the quality of the problem is reflected in a certain lag. Therefore, it is necessary to select the qualified paste panel, master the skills of some of the materials is very necessary. Judging the quality of the paste panel, you can proceed from the following aspects:

One, epidermis (slice) thickness

The thicker the slice thickness, the better the durability. After the construction of the paint, solid wood texture, the more clear, the more brightly colored. Method for the identification of slice thickness is observed at the edges of the plate with and without sand penetration, ooze glue, coating water test without the emergence of the phenomenon of Pan green, and so on through the end, if the above problems, usually thin epidermis.

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